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Self-Funding Administration

Why do you self-fund with Allegeant?

Health insurance and health care is too expensive and too confusing. We get it.

We help employers and brokers make sense of the data and turn insight into action.

We help members navigate the confusion with empathy.

What we offer

In addition to being benefit consultants, we are an independent claims and service administrator on a mission to bring employers accountability and actionable insight to their health plans.

We help employers:​

  • Build the plan design(s)

  • Process medical and dental claims

  • Access doctors and prices:

    • Lease a national or regional PPO network 

    • Develop your own high-performance network

    • Create a "Network Quilting Strategy" that uses the best regional networks for each employee location

    • Deploy Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) 

  • Choose the appropriate stop-loss strategy 

    • Traditional specific + aggregate stop-loss ​

    • Level-funding 

    • Aggregate only

  • Determine the best Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) and formulary

  • Review financial and ad hoc reports 

  • Mitigate risk through effective cost containment solutions​

  • Collaborate on cost reduction strategies and improved health outcomes.

Health insurance is confusing, we are here to simplify it

Service that leads with empathy. We are health care consumers too and understand the challenges and anxieties that members are experiencing. After all, health care is personal.

"The quality and care of the service we receive from Allegeant is nothing sort of a blessing. We are grateful for my husband’s company to have Allegeant but we are more grateful that to Allegeant we are not just a client, a number, or another claim, we are a family that they take pride in helping. We are absolutely looking forward to working with Allegeant for many years to come!"

-Member with premature twins 

Contact us to learn how to deliver affordable, quality health care.

Thank you for your interest in Allegeant's services. A sales representative will contact you shortly.

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