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ARC Health

Mid-size Organizations:

  • Buy health insurance like a 10,000+ employee organization

  • Leverage the CareFirst or Cigna network

  • Access timely & effective customer service

  • Experience predictable costs year-over-year

    • 0-3% increases 6 years in a row

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*Source: PwC Health Research Institute medical cost trends

How It Works

Captive Insurance

Purchase reinsurance

like a 10,000 life company. With like-minded employers who wish to reduce the

cost of their benefit

programs without impacting benefit levels.

Health Plan

With Allegeant’s proven

and turnkey health plan administration, curated selections of PBMs, and choice of CareFirst or Cigna PPO networks, craft a plan that works best for you.

Financial Data
& Predictive

Manage your financials with confidence, identify trends with accuracy, and plan for long-term consistent performance.

Cost Mitigation
& Quality

Manage your claims spend with best-in-class pricing, clinical prevention, and fully insured carve outs for catastrophic diagnoses.


“Each time I have had to call I am always met with a caring and compassionate voice on the other end and most of the time after looking up our account they know exactly who I am and always ask how the boys and specifically Baby A is doing. That kind of service is rare…” 

—  Health Plan Member

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