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Affordable, quality health insurance.


Bring transparent relationships, actionable insights, and accountable strategies to employers.


Founded in 2009, Allegeant combines employee benefit consulting with third party administrative services to help employers mitigate their risk and improve their efficiency. We seek to align interests and create accountability with our clients by delivering strategy (Employee Benefit Consulting) and solutions (Self Funding Administration, Benefit Administration, and Population Health & Wellness). We are the partner who is accountable for the success of our clients' plans. 


In February 2019, we acquired Mid-Atlantic HR Solutions, d/b/a Total Focus HR Solutions. The acquisition expanded Allegeant's footprint to include HR consulting and enhanced our benefit administration platform.   


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Ned's professional background consists of healthcare and employee benefit consulting experience. He has worked with groups ranging from under 100 employees to over 17,000 employees. He has extensive experience in all aspects of insurance, self-funding, provider contracting, underwriting, reinsurance, claims administration, disease management, medical management, and all ancillary lines of benefits. He received his Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation in 2003.


Ned joined Allegeant in 2009 as a partner to help grow the company and focus on client relations. Formerly with InforMed and Roslyn Management, Ned's desire is to see an integrated system manage the healthy to the chronic in an effort to truly manage health risk. Ned is an avid hockey fan and coaches his sons in his spare time. Ned also served three years in the Marine Corps. 

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Tyler is an experienced executive in employee benefits consulting and administration. Motivated by the ever increasing cost of health insurance, Tyler takes pride in providing his clients with proven risk mitigation strategies and administrative efficiencies. As a Partner and COO of Allegeant, his goals include streamlining the complete benefit experience and maintaining a customer-focused organization. Tyler joined Allegeant in 2013. He graduated from Tulane University with a B.S. in finance. 

How We Are Different

What good is health care if it isn't affordable? 

Allegeant was founded to help employers deliver affordable quality health care to their employees and families. 

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While we deliver unique and customized solutions to each client, we believe that eliminating financial conflicts of interest through transparent and actionable insights is essential.


We are a solution-driven, results-oriented employee benefit advisory and administrator on a mission to bring employers accountability and actionable insight to their health plans. We do not stop at strategy; we get into the trenches with our clients and execute!

The result is a client-centric model that aligns interests, fosters accountability and drives affordability.

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