Making Changes in the System for Health Plans for Unions

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

In the U.S., we spend more than $3 trillion on health care. About 25% of that money goes to billing and paperwork expenses. Necessary, but not related to care.

How could we stop spending time, money, and effort chasing things around the medical billing system?

We could look at healthcare for unions.

At Pipe Trade Services in Minnesota, the fully funded wellness centers are prototyping a health partnership plan. Members pay nothing but do sign a nine-point health and wellness commitment form that states their commitment to holistic good health.

Fifty percent of healthcare costs are related to lifestyle. Weight loss programs, cooking classes, exercise groups, and yoga classes can help people change their lifestyles, get off medications, and improve their health.

A lot can be done with a cohort of a chiropractor, physical therapist and personal trainer working together.

This plan means doctors aren't spending their time chasing more bills through a complex system.

To learn more about changes in health plans for unions, check out the rest of our interview with Jim Hynes, executive administrator for Pipe Trade Services, Minnesota and our latest guest on the Healthcare Simplified podcast.

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