How Restoring Family DinnerTime Can Improve Health

92% of Americans say they want to eat healthier? So why don't they? Most will tell you it's because nutritious food is expensive and hard to fix, or they just don't have time to read the labels.

When you couple those concerns with the importance of making sound budgetary choices at the grocery store and the ease of sending out for pizza or wings, it's easy to see why so many people aren't keeping up with their nutrition goals. What if there were a way technology could change that?

Could an app learn what your family likes to eat and what your nutrition goals are? Then scan 82,000 grocery stores' flyers to overlay what's on sale with the things you like and the ingredients you need to eat healthy? That's the goal of DinnerTime.

Laura and Charlie Moore founded DinnerTime to help families shop responsibly, eat healthily, and enjoy time together around the table. The app helps people stick to their best decisions instead of reaching for what's cheap, fast, and filling on impulse.

To learn more about how technology can improve nutrition and encourage family dinners, check out the rest of our interview with Charlie Moore, co-founder of DinnerTime and our latest guest on the Healthcare Simplified podcast.

This post is based on the Healthcare Simplified podcast.

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