Healthcare Literacy: What Don’t We Know, And How is it Hurting Us?

How many added sugars are there in a Quaker quinoa granola bar?

One? Two? Quaker's a healthy company, and you can't get more nutritious than quinoa, after all.

In fact, there's 10 different kinds of sugars sprinkled into one Quaker quinoa granola bar.

That bar provides one example of how what we think we know about health may not be accurate.

On today's episode of Healthcare Simplified, Al Lewis, CEO at Quizzify, joins us to discuss healthcare literacy — what don't we know about our health and how is that affecting us?

There are three parts of the healthcare industry, he said. The benefits, a healthy lifestyle, and the healthcare system.

On the healthy lifestyle front, food companies know people like sugar, salt, and fat. So the companies package and market those products in ways that make them appear healthier than they are.

The healthcare system, too, is trying to get us to buy more care and spend someone else's money to do it. That's a recipe for vast overutilization.

So to improve health literacy, Al started Quizzify, a site that blends gamification and comedy with healthcare information.

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